Dragon Chalice

Atari 2600

Gather items to your castle in this 2 player co-op adventure game.

Released by 8 Bit Milli Games. Available at: https://8bitmilligames.com/dragon-chalice.html

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Game Panic 3/BLT Blast

Atari 2600

Our second Atari 2600 double-ender cartridge featuring Game Panic 3 on one side and BLT Blast on the other. Game Panic 3 is an homage to portable LCD games of yore. Rush to collect carts and mystery boxes. BLT blast is a top down shooter we previously released in 2016. Designed and printed shells. Published by Gemintronic.

Released at CORGS 2022 and at our online storefront.

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Shoot More Blocks

Atari 2600

Shoot more blocks is a 2 player game where you compete to shoot blocks before they destroy the town below.

Digital download available on Itch.io. Link below.



Balloon Girl/SharkStorm

Atari 2600

Our first Atari 2600 double-ender cartridge featuring Balloon Girl and Sharkstorm. Balloon Girl is an LCD style action game previously released in 2015 and SharkStorm is a shooter that was originally released as Twister R Shark in 2017. Designed and printed shells. Published by Gemintronic.

Released at CORGS 2021 and our online storefront.

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Upp Plus Plus

Atari 2600

An upgraded version of Upp Plus.

Digital download on Itch.io.



Knabber Rob

Atari 2600

You play as the bat retrieving relics before time runs out.

Release pending from Neo Games.

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Retro Game Quest

Atari 2600

Gather cartridges in this action/adventure game. Developed by Gemintronic and published by “The Immortal” John Hancock.

Released by John Hancock.

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Atari 2600

Avoid the aliens landing from UFOs in this LCD style game published by Scott Dayton. Developed by Gemintronic, LLC with graphics from Scott Dayton.

Released by Scott Dayton.

Brief Demo


Upp Plus – CinciClassic

Atari 2600

A special edition of Upp Plus using the CinciClassic d-pad logo as the player sprites.

Released at CinciClassic 2019 and on our online storefront.


Twist R Shark

Atari 2600

Twist-R-Shark is an homage to certain shark related cinematic thrillers!  Drawing from experience with previous boss rush games it features sprites from Scott Dayton and large enemies with procedural aspects.

Limited release by Neo Games in 2017 on AtariAge.

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War in the Machine

Sega Genesis

Destroy enemy bases in this shooter/strategy game. Developed by Gemintronic, LLC. The 2022 revision features 3D using chromadepth glasses.

Released by Good Deal Games. An upgraded version was released in 2022.


Revised Version Info



Atari 2600

A two player fighting game featuring multiple screens and varying moves to master!  If the second controller is untouched a trainer AI is enabled.

Developed as a commission.  Release status unknown.


Bacon Blast

Atari 2600

Small top down shooter that features include 4 way scrolling and an ever increasing difficulty level.

Published by vendor at ArcadeRX

Bigfoot Family Search

Atari 2600

Bigfoot must rescue his family deep within the mystical forest and bring them home in this top down adventure.

Boxed and loose release from Bobby Alexander



Atari 2600

A procedural boss rush game. Published by Dave Vogt of The Ludicrous Ones.

Gave The Ludicrous Ones publishing rights. Gemintronic, LLC was not involved in their Indiegogo campaign.



Atari 2600

Conjoined is a side view arcade action title made in collaboration with Joe Grisaffi for his indie horror movie.  Features multiple stages and flicker free sprites.

Official Movie game release from Joe Grisaffi of Starship Films


Game Panic 2

Sega Genesis

Collect video games and dodge enemies in this portable LCD style platformer. Originally developed and published by Gemintronic in collaboration with John Hancock.

Released by Gemintronic at Louisville Arcade RX 2016 and online. Also released by John Hancock at PRGE 2016. Exclusive publishing rights given to John Hancock in 2023.

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Space Foxes

Sega Genesis

A side scrolling shooter. Developed by Gemintronic, LLC with graphics from Ricky Henry. Published by Bit Pop.

Released by Bit Pop at Louisville Arcade RX 2016.

No reviews found.

Upp / Upp Plus

Atari 2600

Original game that flips the traditional brick breaking genre on its head.  Avoid the plasma ball and lasers as your ship escapes upward.  Features 8 stage layouts with endless procedural accents.

Boxed release from Gemintronic, LLC.  Later unnumbered releases were labeled “Upp Plus”



C@tacombs of Chaos

Atari 2600

A Rogue-like game with large, procedurally generated dungeons.  Obtain the artifact deep within the dungeon and bring it back to the first floor. Original version titled Atarowg.

Boxed release from John Hancock.


Balloon Girl

Atari 2600

A side scrolling action game played with one button.

Later released in 2021 as part of a double-ender cartridge.

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Game Panic

Atari 2600

Portable LCD game styled action from Gemintronic and “The Immortal” John Hancock.  Variants include monochrome, color and 3D themes.

Boxed release from John Hancock


Laughing Boy

Atari 2600

Table tennis inspired title developed for Starship Films to follow their indie comedy Laughing Boy.  Features original title screen music and multi colored sprites.

Unreleased Official Movie Game for Joe Grisaffi of Starship Films


Tornado Blast

Atari 2600

Drive a truck into a tornado while avoiding debris and other hazards. Free download available on Romhacking.net.

Released on Romhacking.net.

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Dead of Knight

Atari 2600

Action adventure title designed by Joe Grisaffi to follow his indie horror movie: Dead of Knight.  Features title screen music, animated intro and overworld with 25+ locations.

Official Movie game release from Joe Grisaffi of Starship Films.  Gemintronic has option to release developer version.



Atari 2600

Fight demons in this arcade color matching thriller!  Originally titled Stranglehand, Neo Games reimagined this as an homage to horror classic Strangeland.

Boxed release from Neo Games



Atari 2600

A two-player cooperative shooter based on the popular indie manga book by Ricky Henry.  Features simulated parallax scrolling and boss battles.  Conventional tube TV recommended for best experience.

Boxed and loose cart release from Bit Pop.  Loose developer release given as gift to ArcadeRX expo attendees.




Atari 2600

A two player competitive side view shooter based on the popular indie manga book!  Game design by Ricky Henry.

Boxed and loose cart release from Bit Pop




Atari 2600

Help the chef feed his happy blue customer confections coming down the conveyer belt.  This game was an entry for the TIGsource “A Game By Its Cover” contest.

Free digital download.  Extremely limited physical release.


Nitebear on Sleepystreet

Atari 2600

Nitebear features 9 stages of top down shooting action!  Attempts to pay homage to Knightmare (MSX).  Features boss battles, bonus stages and scrolling.

Free digital download


Uppa Creek

Atari 2600

Dodge logs and ferocious fish while collecting paddles for points!

Free digital download


Drunken Pooper

Atari 2600

Drunken Pooper is a single screen test of skill where you must hit a moving target.  Intended as an homage to the GBA homebrew of the same name.

Free digital download


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