Boss https://www.indiegog...ari-2600-game#/
Dead of Knight (of course!) http://www.atari2600...-of-knight.html
Super Trash Truck
Upp! (No longer in stock - digital only)
Twist R Shark
A.C.i.D. 2

Game Panic http://www.atari2600.../game-panic-lcd
Bigfoot's Family Search https://www.kickstar...i-2600-homebrew
Nitebear on Sleepystreet (no physical stock left - digital only) https://theloon.itch...reet-atari-2600
Bacon Blast (Given to vendor at ArcadeRX to sell 2015-2016)
Strangeland http://neoclassicgam...atari-2600.html
C@tacombs of Chaos (aka Atarowg)

There are also titles that were finished but the contractors haven't published yet
RVG Blast (Client couldn't find manufacturer for carts)
Duel (Client received product not sure of publishing status)
Laughing Boy (Joe Grisaffi commissioned for his movie. Physical release seems to be on backburner?)
Balloon Girl (Haven't published it on my own) http://retrogamingma...-on-atari-2600/

Digital only games:
Tornado Blast
Drunken Pooper 2600 http://retrogamingma...-development-2/
Cyber Willy (compo version of Boss)

Sega Genesis Titles:
Game Panic 2
Space Foxes (re-branded version of Code Eliminator)
Code Eliminator
War in the Machine Genesis.html

For PC:
Super Pitifall (digital only)
Simply Cavern (Digital Only Ludum Dare release)